Get Real Visitors – 3 Smart And Easy To Implement Strategies


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CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) was passed by the California State Legislature. It will come into effect on Jan 1st, 2020.

A little bit about CCPA…

Who does it apply to?

CCPA is applicable to your business/website, if it does business in California, and collects personal information.

What are the penalties for violation?

Fines of up to $7,500 for each intentional violation and up to $2,500 for each unintentional violation.

How to comply?

To comply with CCPA, your website needs cookie consent and a CCPA specific Privacy Policy (in addition to your website’s privacy policy).

Using two most popular plugins, adding a cookie consent and CCPA privacy policy is very easy.

1. WP Legal Pages Pro – Generate the CCPA Privacy Policy in a few clicks.

2. GDPR Cookie Consent Pro – Get cookie consent (including third-party cookies) from website visitors.

Everyone who uses the internet in any way needs visitors and web traffic.
This is a short guide with 3 very effective and easy to implement strategies to get targeted visitors to your web property. This is for:

  • Small business owners.
  • All types of digital marketers.
  • Video freelancers.
  • Video sales letter marketers.
  • YouTube channel owners.
  • Facebook fan page owners.
  • SEO experts and agencies trying to capture more traffic from Google and YouTube.

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Strategy No1

The VIDEO is the most effective marketing strategy today! There is no doubt about that! The only question is: What is your way of using video for website traffic?

You can place your video on all your social profiles and re-purpose it however you want. You can place it on your website, embed it on your blog post, post and share it on your facebook, upload it to your youtube account and build a youtube channel or add a small teaser snippet clip to your Instagram to gain intrigue and bring traffic to your website or other social profiles to watch the full video.
It’s been proven that using video drives better results, and helps you to gain more social attraction to your product, service, and business.

Maybe you think: It’s probably a combination of dedicated writers, video editors, professional software and lots of time and money.

But fortunately: It is not so difficult and expensive if you choose the right tool and strategy!

ASK ME to create a video for you 🙂

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Some additional useful info for future video creators:

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Strategy No2

Pay someone to send real visitors to your web property!

Paying someone to send real visitors to your website can be a lucrative and easy way to spread the World with your idea. If you are a real visitor and reading this article and you are interested in getting some traffic to any kind of web proprety you maybe will not believe me that I paid for visitors like you $5 for 6K+ targeted visitors interested in my topic. So, magic word again is FIVERR. You can register your free account, search for web traffic service and BANG!!! you will get a bunch of offers for sending 6K+ real visitors for just $5. Many of those sellers will send you free test traffic to convience you that visitors are real and valuable. So, feel free to register your FIVERR account here and find web traffic sellers to send you cheap, real visitors interested in your topic.

Strategy No3

Advertise your web pages and your products and services

This is an old fashion proven way to get real targeted visitors but it will cost you money. But again there is smart way to do that. I strongly recommend you to visit some of the links below and research spying tools. Yes, spying tools but for ads that are proven winners. Think now how it is powerful to advertise when you know that your ad will be the winner.

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