How To Create Content Easy?

How To Create Content Easy

One of the most common questions we get asked here in VP4U is:

“How do you create content when you’re not an expert in your niche?”

As I’m sure you know, creating high-quality content is now a critical part of generating traffic and building a profitable online business.

The only problem is that creating content on a regular basis can be really hard work, especially if you’re not an authority on the subjects.

So in this article/video, I’d like to share with you:

  • 1. How to create incredible content for any niche fast!
  • 2. My Magic Bucket strategy that enables you to become an instant authority on any topic.
  • 3. The three types of content you should be aiming to create each week.

When it comes to creating unique and quality content basically you have two options:

  • 1. Option one is to take the time and effort to become a world-leading expert in a particular area. However, the only downside to this is… that it typically takes in the order 10000 hours of painstaking work to reach this level of expertise. Thankfully there is a much quicker and easier way.
  • 2. Option two is to become a commentator in your niche. A commentator is someone who takes careful note of what is going on in a particular niche and identifies and shares the best material that is being produced.

So the best way to quickly and easily create content in any niche is to become a well-informed commentator, who reviews, summarizes and comment on what is happening in your niche.

You are probably already heard that Content is a King and the reality is that traffic flows to wherever value is provided.

So if you don’t have expertise in an area, you can still create incredible value by curating content created by others and adding your own commentary.

In other words, you become the place people go to find the best stuff.

Now you might be thinking, “That sounds great, but how do I become a well-informed commentator?”

Well, this is where this, easy to implement, strategy comes in…

Your Magic Bucket is made up of three components:

  • 1. First, your input channels. These are leading websites, YouTube channels the blogs in your niche.
  • 2. The second component is that Magic Bucket itself which is where you capture all your incoming information. In the real world, this is usually a piece of software called an RSS reader where RSS stands for really simple syndication.
  • 3. And the third component of your Magic Bucket is your upload channels where you publish your own content as an informed commentator in your niche.

So let’s now take a look at an example to see how this works in the real world…

This is Amy.

amy create content

Amy is a recently graduated personal trainer who is looking to build a health and fitness-related platform on the Internet. She is passionate about health and fitness but she hasn’t clocked up her 10000 hours to be considered an expert, so here’s what she does…

First, she identifies all her favorite health-related websites, YouTube channels, and blogs. She then enters these input channels into her RSS reader. The RSS reader she chooses is called Feedly.

feedly create content

Now instead of having to constantly check all her different input channels, Amy can simply check the magic bucket of content each day, and quickly and easily stay in touch with everything that is happening in her niche.

Then when it comes to creating her own content, Amy has a fantastic source of material to draw upon.

There are three different types of content that Amy can create for her audience.

  • 1. The first type of content is direct referrals. This might be a tweet or a quick Facebook post saying something like: “Hey, I just found this great resource on High-Intensity Interval training, you can check it out here…”
  • 2. The second type of content his curated referrals, this is where Amy writes a longer Facebook post to summarize or comment on at article or video and then includes a link to the original content.
  • 3. And the third type of content is inspired content. This is where Amy creates her own blog post or video based on some of the ideas that she has been reading about in Feedly.

Just to be clear, this is NOT copying someone else’s article.

It is using a number of other articles as inspiration to create her own material.

As the old saying goes…if you take content from one article it’s plagiarism, but if you take inspiration from ten articles – that’s research.

So each week, Amy checks Feedly and fills up on everything that is happening in the health and fitness niche.

She then creates direct referral content, curated referral content and inspired content to populate her own twitter account, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

And here’s a Pro Tip…

One of the best ways to present your curated is to create a weekly Video Newsletter that summarizes what’s happening in your niche each week…

And the easiest way to create a video newsletter is to use an automated video creation system like Content Samurai.

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