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What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page created for the specific purpose of receiving and converting traffic from your marketing campaigns. This could be traffic from Google Adwords, email marketing, social content, banner ads, or retargeting.

There are two main types of landing page: lead generation and click through.

A lead generation or lead capture landing page is designed to capture visitor information such as name, email address, company etc. As such, the call to action on a lead gen landing page is a form.

A click-through landing page is designed to guide someone to another page, or another step in a process. The call to action on a click-through landing page is just a button. As an example, for ecommerce the call to action could be a “buy now” button that moves the visitor into the shopping cart.

Landing Page vs. Homepage

What’s the difference between a homepage and a landing page?

It’s best to think of it this way: as a marketer you have two types of traffic.

Traffic Type 1 – Organic
Traffic that arrives through organic search (from search engines like Google or Bing).

Traffic Type 2 – Campaign
Campaign traffic that you pay for (e.g. Google AdWords) or send from your email, social, banners, retargeting etc.

The purpose of your website is to attract and convert type 1 – the organic search traffic.

A landing page is a web page created for the specific purpose of receiving and converting the traffic from type 2 – your marketing campaigns.

Why Should I Use Landing Pages?

There are many reasons a landing page is a great solution for your marketing campaigns, the biggest being that they allow you to create a customized experience, as opposed to the generic experience of sending your campaign traffic to your website’s homepage.

A landing page created specifically for a marketing campaign, creates a stronger message match between what was clicked (ad, email, banner, social link) and the resulting experience.

If you have multiple products or services, or are running campaigns about different features/benefits of your offering, the value proposition presented by your homepage isn’t specific enough to persuade visitors to convert. Conversely, if you have a landing page for each product, each service, each feature, you are letting the visitor know – as soon as they click an ad – that you can actually deliver on the promise of the ad.

By sending traffic from a campaign to your website, you are forcing the visitor to explore ad do a lot of work to find the content they were looking for. A landing page can present that information immediately, increasing conversions.

Why Are Landing Pages Great for PPC?

Part of Google’s Quality Score algorithm is based on the quality of the landing page experience. In short, the more relevant the landing page is to the ad, the higher that portion of the Quality Score is.

What does this mean?

If you use a dedicated landing page for your Google AdWords ads, you are sending a signal to Google that you are doing it right, and can get a higher Quality Score as a result. This can promote your ads further up the ranks to get more clicks, and it can also reduce the cost per click, making your marketing budget go further, increasing your ROI.

What is an Unbounce Landing Page?

Unbounce is the most respected landing page platform in the industry. When you create a landing page with the Unbounce builder, you have access to hundreds of high-converting landing page templates, industry-leading support, and the best server “uptime”, meaning our rock-solid technology will keep your pages online, safe and delivering conversions 24/7.

The Unbounce platform also includes access to our popup and sticky bar products at no extra charge, to help you maximize the conversion potential of the traffic you are already bringing to your website.

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