Anstrex And Digital Marketing For Affiliate Marketing


Anstrex And Digital Marketing For Affiliate Marketing

I’m full time digital marketer and video producer and I’m going to explain you my online money making strategies and how you can use the same strategies and make money for YOU and YOUR FAMILY.
I will also explain all tools that I’m using … why I’m using them … how I’m using them and everything that can show you YOUR way to the money.
If you are not familiar with some of these terms feel free to find links in the descriptions below this article and learn more about these terms.
Everything is legal, ethical, proven, easy to implement, and can work for everyone.
Yes, this can work for everyone, but this is not for everyone.
If you are not ready to invest energy, work, and sometimes money, and if you are not ready to take an action, this is not for you.
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In this specific article I’m going to unlock the secrets of advertising and help you build winning campaigns TODAY by seeing what works for your competition.
Today I’m showing you how native and push advertisers, affiliate marketers, and content creators use an easy, affordable tool to stay a step ahead of the competition.
Keep watching and see how a simple tool Anstrex “washes away” all the noise, leaving you focused on the most important things: Conversions and Profit.
In this artocle you will find out more about.

  • Why most affiliate campaigns fail?
  • How to get an edge over your competition?
  • A peek into Anstrex and how Anstrex delivers?
  • Choose winning ClickBank offer in 6 easy steps.
  • And finally how to get started with Anstrex.

These days you can’t turn the corner without seeing another guru promising you the ultimate affiliate marketing system.
They make a killing by convincing us that affiliate marketing is very complicated, then selling us a solution.

But let me tell you… What about things like…

  • Will people click?
  • Is my ad copy any good?
  • Did I pick an irresistible, can’t-miss image?
  • Do I really understand how to talk to my target market?
  • Is my lander going to sell?

You don’t have countless hours and an endless bank account and you can’t test and re-test every part of campaign over and over again to maximize conversions.
You need to know what people are already clicking on, and what people are hungry to buy RIGHT NOW.
In other words, you need to know what’s working TODAY.
The good news is…there’s an easy answer to all of it.
Why aren’t the gurus talking about this?
I can’t blame them, they need to make a living.
But it really ticks me off to see all these affiliate marketing heroes taking advantage of you and me.
They sell us complicated, over-the-top solutions to basic problems. And some of them ask thousands of dollars for it!
Now, the info in some of their products isn’t all bad…
But by the time you’ve shelled out a small fortune to see it, their tips and tricks are already stale. Marketers everywhere have already milked the tactics, erasing any edge you would’ve had actually works.

Wouldn’t it be great to always be “in the know”?
What if, every day, you could have the inside track on what works and what doesn’t in the world of affiliate marketing and native and push advertising?
What would you do if you had a tool that gave the most up-to-date knowledge about.

  • What ad copy is pulling the best CTRs TODAY?
  • What images the competition is using to draw the most attention at THIS MOMENT?
  • Who writes the most profitable landing pages RIGHT NOW?
  • Can you imagine the power of market research that never goes stale, because it’s updated in REAL TIME?

And what if it was all pulled together for you in an easy-to-use tool, so you could tap into all this knowledge in the matter of minutes?
That’s the profit-generating power of Anstrex spy tool.
It’s a spy tool for affiliate marketers who want to craft championship native and push ad campaigns with the best competitor analysis available.
It lets you peek in on what the best in our business are doing to generate clicks and buys RIGHT NOW.
You can see what customers are responding to at this very moment, and tailor your ad campaign for better response rates across the board.
But there are spy tools everywhere. So, that’s why I wanted to show you a tool that listened to what affiliate marketers were saying.
So I choose Anstrex, tool that delivers.

So, there are TEN ways Anstrex Delivers.

1. Maximize your advertising returns by spying on your competition’s most effective campaign strategies.

2. See your niche from any angle with over 6 million up-to-date advertisements at your fingertips. That’s more than any spy tool on the market!

3. Instantly improve your ROI with Anstrex revolutionary Affiliate Offer Wall, where you’ll analyze entire campaigns from competitors in your niche, from advertisement to offer screen.

4. Tap into the most extensive network of profitable competitor data with 20 native ad networks and over 58,000 advertisers spanning 15 countries. And growing!

5. Uncover your competitor’s strategy in record time with Anstrex easy search and filter capabilities!

6. Build landing pages that convert like crazy. One simple click in Anstrex database takes you from ad to landing page, so you can study winners inside and out.

7. Anstrex is fully integrated with Alexa and SimilarWeb, so you can sort the ads by Alexa rank right inside Anstrex!

8. Get high resolution screenshots of every advertiser’s page…so you can view their ads even if they’ve sunset their campaign.

9. Join the thriving community of Anstrex power users on private forum!

10. Need the perfect image that guarantees sky-high click through rates? Use Anstrex game-changing image search feature to find the most successful pics in your niche.

Anstrex know that better research means more money in your pocket. So, anstrex added dozens of tutorial videos, FAQs, and affiliate marketing strategy guides to help you along the way.

It’s all there. Best Converting Offers, Creatives, Landing Pages, Publishers, Ad Networks.

Finding successful ClickBank offers is a piece of cake!

Step 1: Select Affiliate Network Filter, say ClickBank, on our Offer Wall and find all the best offers over 200 of them!

anstrex 1

Step 2: Identify the offer(s) based on their longetivity and other stats.

Step 3: Sort the creatives on the basis of its performance and identify several images and ad copies for split testing.

anstrex 2

Step 4: Click on the successful creatives to get the campaign data.

Step 5: Campaign data tabular view will reveal all the secrets about the campaign. You will know about the ad-networks, publisher, geo-targeting, device targeting and much more.

anstrex 3

Step 6: Armed with all the data, it is time to launch your first affiliate campaign.

Power-Up Your Campaigns with Anstrex Today!

Don’t waste money throwing darts and praying for a bull’s-eye. Experience the Anstrex advantage today, totally risk-free.
When you sign up you’ll have FULL access to every feature RISK FREE for 48 hours.

If you decide in those two days that Anstrex isn’t for you, just let them know and they will fully refund you. You won’t be charged a penny.
That’s 48 hours to study as many campaigns as you possibly can. No obligation.

Try Anstrex for yourself!

Your Account includes.

  • Access to data from 27 ad-networks spanning 15 countries, and over 6 million ads.
  • Access to proprietary Affiliate Offer Wall, where you’ll study ClickBank and other successful campaigns from start to finish.
  • Access to private discussion forums where you can talk with other members to get insights like nowhere else.
  • 30 page e-book with step-by-step instructions on launching your first ClickBank campaign absolutely FREE.
  • Complete access to up to date knowledgebase containing step-by-step instructions, articles, and FAQs.

Try Anstrex now RISK FREE. After that, Anstrex is only $59.99/month.

Anstrex priced it affordably so you can spend money on your campaign, where it belongs.

Sign Up takes only 60 seconds. Cancel any time!

I’m looking forward to having you in the Anstrex family.

Find link below this article and sign up for your free trial today.

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