my video production service

How It Works And Pricing

Instructions for ordering video (4 Easy Steps):

fiverr 2Copy your text into an MS Word document and send me that file via Email > > >
Count the number of words in your text and multiply that number with 0,031 and that will be the price for your video.
(Example: 1000 words video price: $31)

  • You can choose the US, UK or Australian accent
  • You can choose male or female voiceover
  • You can choose formats for YouTube (HD 1280 x 720) or social media format (HD 720 x 720)
  • Optionally, you can send me your logo, images, your customized voice over for your video…

fiverr 2I will do the rest and deliver the video to you.

fiverr 2We will communicate via emails to polish video and get great end result for you.

fiverr 2When we finish video you will pay on my PayPal account for your video and that’s it 🙂 .

* For a FREE DEMO video (no obligations to buy more) just send me text under 100 words on email: and I will do the rest. If you are satisfied with DEMO video follow instructions on this page to purchase more videos from me 🙂 .

fiverr 2You can find me here on Fiverr* (my user name is ivica1966) and read reviews about my work from independent customers. I can also operate via secure Fiverr service! *Fiverr is a secure place (FREE to join) for doing business because your money is 14 days between you and me and you can always ask for a full refund if you are not satisfied with my service.

recommended easy video creating toolsThe process of choosing and using my bonus program is very easy. Simple read short intros for tools on this or bonus page and visit links for every tool or service that you are interested in. Most of the tools and services have a FREE TRIAL program and do not require a credit card. Feel free to try everything you want and if you decide to become a paid member contact me and ask me for a bonus for you. You can ask for virtually anything: money, support, advice … it’s up to you! Feel free to contact me via email here if you need any support for starting your making videos journey.

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fiverr 2 Find me on FIVERR and try my video creating service. My user name on FIVERR is ivica1966 and I will turn every text you send me into an effective engaging video for your business. FIVERR is a secure place (FREE to join) for doing business because your money is 14 days between you and me and you can always ask for a full refund if you are not satisfied with my service. Find me here on FIVERR