TubeBuddy Vs VidIQ: Easy And Proven Way to Boost YouTube!

February 26, 2022
tubebuddy vs vidiq


TubeBuddy Vs VidIQ are two of the most beneficial tools for increasing your YouTube SEO, allowing you to add data to your YouTube content that will make it easier for you to improve your SEO and help growing your channel.

If you’re looking to boost your YouTube SEO, then using some tools can help.

When it comes to choosing online tools, services and applications, you want to make sure that the one you choose is the right one for you.

Both TubeBuddy and VidIQ offers their premium features, so if you’re going to invest money and time in some tools, you need to make sure you’ve made the right decision.

Also, both of applications have FREE versions.

What is SEO score in YouTube!?

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Search Eng. Optimization (SEO) is the ever-changing practice of designing web content to rank highly in search engine results pages (SERPs)...

YouTube is different than Google: YouTube SEO involves optimizing your play lists, channel, metadata, descriptions, videos...

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What is the use of TubeBuddy and VidIQ?

TubeBuddy and VidIQ are a research and planning tools for YouTube creators. These software’s connects directly to your YouTube account to give you real-time suggestions on videos, keywords, ranking and just about everything you need to grow and improve your videos ranking.

What is difference between VidIQ and TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is available as a Safari extension, Firefox, and Chrome browser extensions, while VidIQ extension is only available for Chrome browser extensions.

TubeBuddy provides more advanced analytics and data, whereas VidIQ's analytics are more basic.

Is TubeBuddy and VidIQ safe?

Yes, both of them are absolutely safe to use on YouTube.

This Youtube keyword tool helps optimize your listing so that content shows up as a Related Video on the global viewership lists and trending videos (keyword research tools).

Is TubeBuddy really YouTube certified?

Yes, TubeBuddy is YouTube certified and this certification is not easy to get without proper verification. Anyone who has the certification is considered as a trusted person or company.

We say this because VidIQ allows you to gauge what other features are required to give your YouTube video the right audience and the largest pool. It provides you with tools much beyond merely keywords and basic SEO tips which are not adequate considering the volume of content on YouTube today. VidIQ comes with both a free and a pro version.

Web Applications TubeBuddy's web app has four data sections. Health Report: view statistics for views, uploads, subs, comments, traffic sources, engagement, and audience.

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Is VidIQ really YouTube certified?

Yes, in March 2013, vidIQ appeared at the Founders Den Demo Night. In June 2013, the website was verified by YouTube after passing the YouTube certification program. VidIQ supports Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. To know more about it, you can check out my VidIQ Review. 

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What is a good vidIQ keyword score?

Once you have vidIQ installed you will see a number next to a video tag on YouTube. That's your keyword score. As you might expect, the potential of keywords can change very rapidly. But as a general rule of thumb, you want to be looking at keywords of a score of 50, or above.

How do I find the best keywords in TubeBuddy?

You should find “Results” tab on the TubeBuddy keyword explorer and see whether you're already ranking for the keyword. You can see your channel versus top-ranking channel on this tab along with that you can also see top 50 YouTube search results for the keyword.

What is TubeBuddy tag score?

Tag Rankings. Instantly see where you video ranks in search results for each its tags. You should use "Incognito" results for more accurate rank positions. Use video tags to focus on what you rank for to increase your position. The lower the number the better (1 means you are ranked 1st on the search results page)

Within VidIq there seems to be a tag volume found in two places:

tools for video marketing

Found when comparing tags: this value signifies the number times the specific tag you are looking at has been search for within a given period (I believe a month)

The overall tag volume for a video: This appears as a number out of 5 for a given video’s SEO score. This number reflects the total tag volume of your tags. If you add a bunch of tags with individually high tag volumes then the videos tag volume will be higher as well. If you add tags that are rarely searched then your videos tag volume score will be low.

Why you need these tools, or at least one of them?

Get your videos ranked higher in search results and ultimately get more views

Find long-tail search terms to better target what people are looking for on YouTube

Discover trending Tags to keep your videos relevant long after they are published

TubeBuddy Vs VidIQ testimonials

What Is TubeBuddy SEO Score?

TubeBuddy provides a unique score for videos based on the usage of the target keyword in the video metadata such as title, description, title and thumbnail. That number is called the TubeBuddy SEO score.

What is a good vidIQ SEO score?

Ideally, this rating ranges from 0 to 100. And the higher the score, the juicier that keyword is for your YouTube channel. Luckily, such a tool does exist. When you download the free version of vidIQ, you'll see a keyword score for every video on YouTube search pages.

Which is more accurate TubeBuddy or VidIQ?

TubeBuddy provides more advanced analytics and data, whereas VidIQ's analytics are more basic. VidIQ's paid plan's start at a lower price point of $7.50 per month, whereas TubeBuddy starts at $9 per month.

Is TubeBuddy worth it?

TubeBuddy is a free extension and is worth it. Many users feel that it saves them time and helps them generate successful content without the need to upgrade to Pro. It might be slightly frustrating to have limited Keyword Explorer viewing options (only three items appear at a time outside of Pro).

Is VidIQ worth it?

VidIQ is a good product and worth checking out for serious YouTubers. Whether it's worth actually paying for depends on you and how serious you are with YouTube, along with what features you're specifically looking for (if considering it in comparison to TubeBuddy).

A comparison of VidIQ and TubeBuddy plan costs

   Basic Plans (Comparison)

   Learn More About TubeBuddy Here

   Learn More About VidIQ Here




   Package 1

   $9 / month

   $7.5 / month

   Package 2

   $19 / month

   $39 / month

   Package 3 

   $49 / month

   On request

Community management Every YouTuber loves it when their subscribers are engaged enough to comment, but what happens when all you fans decide to swamp you with thousands of comments? Use VidIQ to moderate comments, community engagements and for video uploads as well. Learn More About VidIQ Here TubeBuddy and VidIQ…"

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KeyWord Research

YouTube SEO Tool Keyword tools and keyword optimization (including keyword research) is crucial for YouTube SEO or search results ranking and helps attain large viewership. TubeBuddy helps in enhancing your Youtube SEO along with extensive research and data at your doorstep. 

Channel Management Services VidIQ's premium channel management services show channel audit data, YouTube analytics, and support and account strategies to ensure that your content strategy is fitting to your subscribers. TubeBuddy through your account settings, and VidIQ through your Chrome Extension settings. 

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Social Media

The YouTube platform has grown into a giant in the field of online networking. It is one of the topmost online video viewing platforms. YouTube SEO If you didn't know yet, search eng optimization is incredibly important and plays a large role in how well your content shows up in YouTube searches. Basically, if you don't optimize your content, you won't show up on specific searches for your content's category. Social Blade is a public database showcasing user statistics for a range of social media sites, including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and more. 

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No wonder, top artists, professional businesses, students as well as homemakers are resorting to the platform for success and the thing that really matters in getting fame is the number of YouTube visits and subscribers they have on their videos and channel.

YouTube Videos

The Suggested Tags feature of TubeBuddy is an excellent tool for someone who has just started making YouTube videos SEO optimized.

Final words

If you are serious about your YouTube channel and growing your views you should use Tube Buddy or VidIQ.

Which to recommend is hard to say because (in my opinion) both of tools are great and decision depends on your personal preference.

You can not make a mistake, since both applications have FREE trials, so you have nothing to lose.

Just click links below, discover both tools and make your decision.

Finally, it’s up to you.

For more info about video marketing tools visit this page.

Click here to try TubeBuddy                    Click here to try VidIQ

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